Karen’s Priorities

Student Achievement, Fiscal Responsibility and Accountability

In serving on the Board of Education, Karen has three main priorities:

Student Achievement — By putting students first, we are not only maximizing the potential of each child, but raising the bar, so that each year their learning abilities grow.

Fiscal Responsibility — Ensuring that the district demonstrates financial discipline and effective use of taxpayer dollars, fiscal responsibility is critical to the long-term success of our schools.

Accountability — Building transparency within the organization and engaging the community, District 205 has created an environment where accountability matters and results are visible.

Teamwork Priorities:

Provide an education that is based on knowledge, innovation and helping all children realize their potential

  • Attract, hire and retain inspiring, high performing teachers and administrators

Deliver a strong curriculum with seamless transition and growth from early childhood through elementary, middle and high school to prepare students to be successful in college and vocations

  • Adopt proven best practices throughout our district

Link program value to student achievement, track results and instill financial accountability

  • Operate disciplined budgeting practices

Increase performance, make progress and be accountable

  • Implement a comprehensive plan and track progress