About Karen

Karen Stuefen has the education and experience the district needs.

Karen is a 28-year resident of Elmhurst and spent 15 years as an actively engaged District 205 parent. Karen received her B.S. degree in Computer Science with a concentration on Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Computer Vision. Karen spent over two decades working for Fortune 500 technology companies, including: Bell Labs, AT&T and Sprint. During her career, Karen worked with executive teams to transform organizations and helping them to understand and apply technology to their customer enterprise and networks, essentially laying the groundwork 5G digital technology.

Karen has spent two terms on the Board of Education and provides keen insight into what is needed to transform the system to support the quality Elmhurst education organization for generations of future-ready learners. Originally elected in 2011, she was re-elected again in 2015. She spent six years as Secretary of the Board, six years chairing the Performance Management Committee and six years as a member on the Finance & Operations Committee. Karen has served as the Legislative Education Network of DuPage County (LEND) representative eight years, and has served two terms on the School Association for Special Education in DuPage County (SASED) board.

During this time, the Board has gathered input and feedback of the community and staff, created a strategy to move the district forward, and has successfully executed on that strategy; most recently highlighted by the successful passage of a $168.5M referendum to fund a comprehensive facility plan and future learning environments for all students. The Board needs continuity in leadership to ensure successful implementation of your investment. The community values education. Karen values education. It’s why she invests in volunteering to serve as your education advocate. Proud of the accomplishments of the last eight years, Karen would be honored to serve you another term on the School Board.

Please vote for Incumbent Karen Stuefen on April 2, 2019.